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Letter to the families...

My name is Emma Jude and after five years of traveling around the world as a professional musician, I have begun shifting my main focus to children's music.  Currently, I teach music to kids ages one to five at Beansprouts Nursery School in Brooklyn, NY while also maintaining an intimate group of private lessons geared toward early childhood development.     


From 2011-2015 I attended Nazareth College and majored in Communications Sciences and Disorders with a minor in music.  During that time and immediately after graduation, I received over 60 hours in clinic experience, worked in the public school system, became a teaching assistant at Jowonio Inclusive preschool as well as at the North Western Center For Talent Discovery, and volunteered at the Hickock Brian Injury Center.  Throughout these experiences, I would continually use music as an innovative tool.  During this time, my co-workers gave me the opportunity to have weekly music sessions with the kids.  This was the time that my official “Family-Sing-A-Long” began taking form.  

At the end of 2015 I released my first album, “The One Person Game,” and I began traveling as a professional musician.  In 2016 I spent a brief time in Bozeman, Montana and worked at a start up company called “Dino Drop-In Daycare.”   I would perform daily music sessions with the kids while modeling for the teachers how to run the sessions once I was gone.  I went on to run a similar  model at multiple preschools, start ups and libraries across the country.


Between 2015-2019 I traveled around the world and worked as a guitar soloist for Carnival Cruise Lines. I worked my way up through the company until I was ranked as the number one guitar soloist in 2018.  I was then selected for the inaugural season of their newest ship, the Carnival Horizon.  During this time, I performed my “Family Sing-A-Long” onboard for groups ranging from 5-300 children.  In addition to  my music curriculum implementation program, I would perform this traveling show at schools, festivals and private parties around America in between my traditional shows at music venues and cruise contracts.  

I have released three albums, which are available on Apple music, Spotify and Amazon.  My latest album, “Pocket Full Of Postcards,” won the 2019 Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) for best pop album of the year and performed for their 2020 award season.  All of my current releases are not targeted towards kids but fall of 2020 I am targeted to record my first children's album!  

For more questions, you can email me at  I look forward to making memories with you and your children. 


Sincerely yours,

Emma Jude

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