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Johnny & Jude 

Johnny Rockett and Emma Jude met on a cruise ship contract in 2017. Since then, they have defied all the odds and managed to travel all around the world together as a "tag-team duo." Both are strong stand alone musicians, but together, Johnnys' pop-blues sound meshes perfectly with Emma Judes

indie-folk style

Johnny and Judes sound is very reminiscent of "Iron and Wine."  While Johnny takes the lead, Ms. Jude leans back with subtle harmonies. SimilarlyJohnnys' voice compliments Emmas' beautifully as well, while also incorporating complex guitar solos. 

Combined, the duo has a repertoire of over 500 songs throughout the ages.  Nothing is more impressive than hearing the two compliment each other on their originals songs.  

Hopefully you catch this duo as they sing the songs that brought them together

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